Friday, March 26, 2010

ang cute!

i was just browsing through videos on youtube ngayong hapon... kaasar naman kasi nakatulog ako pagkagaling ng work ng bonggang bongga meaning mga 5 hours na tulog, yan tuloy 4 hours nalang work na e indi pa din ako natutulog haha... pakdatshet!

anyway i was browsing through videos on youtube this afternoon and then while doing that i stumbled on a video of happyslip which is 'genie of your dreams!' ...well it's a vid about what it's like having a modern genie, you know to do things that you need, o para alagaan ka, etcetera... and what caught my attention was this guy on the vid. victor, which happens to have his own channel on youtube too..

well more about the guy, he dances! break dancing to ah! and hindi lang yan, he also sings! guitar! grabe multi-talented na, at ang gwapo pa. yay! hahaha

well yep it was 'crush' at 1st sight. (not 'love at 1st sight' ha, how can you love someone just on the 1st 'sighting' diba? haha) and also it made me realize something....

he's actually someone that i wanted to be like since like i was in high school. i wanted to be someone who can sing and dance, and i wanted to be attractive/cute also (since i wasn't blessed much in that department lol) be athletic and all that. someone with nice hair. someone like him.

and this also led me to another thought.... ano na ba nangyayari sa buhay ko? i feel like i haven't accomplished much in my life. i wanna be better, i wanna be good at something.

i know how to play piano, i sing... but then i'm not good at it. what i'm trying to say is gusto kong magkaroon ng something na i can be proud of, something that i can say i have an edge...

well okay i can cook,but i wanna be great at it.. meaning i wanna learn more...

so, ano ang balak ko? heto na:

-learn more on cooking. buy books on baking, magazines with recipes... i wanna try exploring the world of baking. the only thing i've baked so far is pizza and potatoes... i would like to trymaking my own brownies (not the instant mixes), make my own pizza dough, make my own bread. make something i can say i made from scratch...

-be more physically active. i wanna play badminton again. my badminton racket is just rotting in the corner of my room. maybe it's time that i play that sport again. i actually feel good when playing it. i'm talking about the real game with the net and everything, hindi lang yung pa-easy easy-ng laro sa kalye ha. yung may court at net.... i love that sport... i even wanted to join the badminton team in college but i just didn't. i got afraid. everyone on the team was great actually.
so under this category i'll do these:
-try to find people who also play badminton.. siguro yung mga taga-call center din like me.. HEY whoever's playing message me okay?
-jog or do exercises kahit sa bahay lang. to keep me in shape naman.

-use the piano once a week. yep, i haven't touched our piano in a long time. i guess tinamad lang ako. it's because i really felt that i wasn't excelling. like i'm still in grade 3 in piano when i should have been good at it like my cousin. maybe it's time i play again...

-plan my next hairstyle. i know that some people in the office think my hair's a disaster right now. well it didn't turn out the way it should have been. i went there with pictures and everything, but i guess i was wrong in going to that place. i should have gone back to where i've had my haircuts... tinamad kasi ako, 3 blocks lang difference, sana nilakad ko nalang... oh well. so i'm planning on having it grown longer for now. sa nakikita ko it'll turn out fine naman kapag humaba... and then kapag humaba na e i'll go plan my next hairstyle. or stick to the one i actually planned on. (yung nag-fail. haha)

-have a facial. yep i need it. pumapangit na ang balat ko sa mukha.. i should do it when the next paycheck arrives... madami ng naipon na kapangitan sa aking pores. haha chos!

good luck saken! aja!


  1. kakacheck lang after a month. haha
    woohoo sa balak ko or sa guy? kung doon woooh talaga ^_^